Tony Mucci

CEO (Eklect Enterprises) | Co-Founder

Mr. Mucci has over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience. He has been involved in every stage of a business' lifespan and brings an invaluable amount of knowledge and foresight to every project.

After Eklect Records, he saw an opportunity to build something more than music; a company that could change the world for the better. Eklect Enterprises, is the reality of that vision.

Liz Mucci

CEO (Eklect Technology) | Co-Founder

Miss Mucci's corporate operations experience is vital to our success. With over 10 years of management experience, she brings a vast knowledge of business strategies that ensure the growth of all our businesses and products.

Currently, Miss Mucci is serving as CEO of Eklect Technology, a division of Eklect Enterprises.


Heather Hechimovich

Project Manager

Mrs. Hechimovich's expertise comes from a successful career in the Financial and Mortgage industries. Throughout her career, she has built and expanded her client and companies portfolios by three fold.

Her determination for success, strong work ethic, and keen sense for operational momentum has been proven with every endeavor she has undertaken. At Eklect, her main responsibility is to bring success to Eklect and its clients alike.

Wendy Tenedora Wong

Executive Assistant

Mrs. Tenedora Wong comes with over 15 years experience in executive administrative operations and social media support. She also holds event management, hospitality and travel services under her belt which makes her extremely effective in providing excellent customer service.

Working with people is truly where her heart is and she embodies the Aloha spirit in everything she does. She believes in being the glue that holds the team together and enforcing positive energy when they need it the most.

Naomi Hanks

Administrative Coordinator

Mrs. Hanks has over 12 years of management and leadership experience and has a successful track record of improving and establishing organization for businesses in a variety of different fields.

Her keen understanding and recognition of the needs of those around her makes her an excellent addition to the Eklect team and is instrumental in helping implement processes that help the employees work cohesively together.

Board of Advisors

Josh Uda

Board Advisor

Mr. Uda is a business consultant specializing in operations and marketing. He has over a decade of experience managing construction, manufacturing, software development, and product launch projects, including international projects.

He holds certifications as a PMP , PSM I , and SPC4. He also holds a PMC and has consulted several startup companies in bringing products to market.

Carl Uda

Board Advisor

Mr. Uda has been in the Quality Assurance industry for the past 20 years. His ample knowledge of Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement Method, and Root Cause Analysis is invaluable to our vision of providing quality to our clients and customers.

Some of his duties as the Quality Manager of Lumenis are performing Internal Audits and Supplier Audits to assure compliance to Quality Management Systems, Lean Manufacturing and Culture Change.

Steve Mucci

Board Advisor

Mr. Mucci’s information technology expertise is a vital asset to Eklect Enterprises. With over 20 years of experience with The Los Angeles Times, Steve brings a vast knowledge of corporate infrastructure and digital strategy that streamlines efficiency and results with our company needs.

When not serving on our board, Steve is providing his skill-set as an IT consultant for tronc (Tribune Publishing Company).

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